Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Don't Give A Flying F%*k About Being A Breatharian!!!!

There's more to life than food and there's more to life than trying to defend a label that you may identify with, which is what many Vegans, Raw Vegans and Fruitarians do so fiercely. For me, the truth is that I really am not attached to this Breatharian label or being a Breatharian, if I wanted to eat a burger right now I would do it with a happy heart, throughout my whole experience witrh all this I've realised that it's not just about the food but instead it's about waking up and taking back your "DIVINITY" and this covers a wide range of subjects that may succeed in surpressing an individual.

Releasing everything that is designed to stop you from realising who you really are is the key here...and food is a major part of this but it is not the sum total!!!!

I'm not here to defend or validate Breatharianism, I'm here to be me and to be the man I was created to be! Breatharianism is just a word to describe a lifestyle, a label and an incorrect one at that but it is simply a word none the less, the important thing is that you live the life and not spend all your time trying to make others happy by proving anything/satisfying peoples curiousity.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Important Announcement!

I will no longer be available to anyone because I feel that I'm at the point where I can no longer compromise myself and I must go and live the way I know I need to, so I am going to go off and do my thing where I don't have to talk, think and where I can go through my personal changes/deverlopement without having to face ridicule, scrutiny or negativity. I'm not here to be anybodies knight in shining armour or shield, I simply wanted to get my work out there and now my public work has been done and can be viewed on youtube or here, I've never wanted to be "heard" and have always felt my role was to be "seen". I don't know if I will maintain/update these sites or just leave them. I'll finish off the remaining workshops I have and go do my thing.

Much love

Friday, 11 March 2011

Jericho Genesis Sunfire - Understanding Breatharianism: The Path To Divinity And Longevity 2 Day Retreat.

Jericho Genesis Sunfire - Understanding Breatharianism: The Path To Divinity And Longevity Retreat.

April 22th - 24th long weekend from 6pm Friday to 5pm Sunday

Jericho Genesis Sunfire aims to establish the proper definition, understanding, practice,safety, and recognition of Inedia, which is commonly referred to as Breatharianism, for the welfare of aspiring Inediates, practicing Inediates, and the world as a whole.
Jericho Genesis Sunfire provides effective fitness training and invaluable Breatharian support for people from around the world making a real difference for those who seriously apply the lessons learned both from his training and his example. However, he's far from being just another fitness trainer or a new-age Breatharian visionary, because both of these roles are but small aspects of something far greater.

Although the retreat focuses greatly on key aspects of achieving the full Breatharian state, guests don't have to be aspiring Breatharians to attend the workshop and gain valuable insights from it. Attendees are sure to be at various stages along the path to healthy, pure, and independent physical sustenance, so the atmosphere of the workshop, as well as all discussions and activities, will be non-judgmental, open, and supportive in nature, and there will be ample time for Q & A. After all, we're all in the same boat, going in the same direction, and we've all been at earlier stages of the transition while looking onward optimistically to reaching further stages of the transition as well. However, attendees should have an open mind towards new information that is sure to help them realize their body's natural blue print. In addition, attendees will benefit most by being ready to take action from where they are in the transition, as opposed to rushing themselves or slowing themselves down... by acting from where they are, they will be in the best position to maintain constant, natural, and effective progress.

Topics to be covered during the workshop, in a manner similar to an intensive course, include, but are far from being limited to:

1. Stages of Breatharian Transition

∞ Fruitarians', with a focus on social issues, weight fluxuation, detoxification, and more...

∞ Liquidarianism, with a focus on increasing fitness, adjusting to lightness, and other transitions/changes...

∞ Breatharianism, with a focus on social issues, spiritual aspects, maximum safety, the proper definition, and more...

2. General Fitness

∞ Jericho's 5 minute body weight fitness workout

∞ The connection between fitness and diet change

∞ The connection between fitness and spirituality

3. Cleansing

∞ The process of cleansing

∞ The safety aspects of cleansing

∞ The challenges and benefits of cleansing

4. Light Being Activation

∞ In-Workshop Activation of the non-activated through exposure to activation, applied intuition, and the de-activation of de-activators, barriers, and illusions.

∞ Preparation and empowerment, and mobilization of the Activated

∞ Life, as Activated Light Being: Purpose, Potential, and Responsibility.

5. Post-Workshop Application

∞ The physical, mental, and spiritual balance while steadily and intuitively using the concepts, insights, and tools of the workshop.

∞ The continuation, maximization, and protection of independent progress

∞ Adapting to changes in lifestyle, living conditions, and quality of life that are sure to come with the realization of the natural physical blueprint and the attainment of higher stages along the Breatharian spectrum.

Further details about the Breatharian workshop include::

∞ A £150 attendance fee for the long weekend workshop (excluding accommodation), to be paid via Paypal at this link:

∞ Ample accommodation available at the venue the Parsonage Side Retreat, located in Somerset, UK. Please visit website for the Parsonage Side Retreat website for directions to the venue, and to reserve your rooms, which cost £30 - £35pppn:

∞ This workshop will be the first of it's kind to date in more ways than one. To reserve your place or to make further inquiries, Jericho on via email at:

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